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"Sonic Boom" Launch of Brand New Branch of the Sonic Series!

A team from Sega of America was in New York today for a presentation to talk about the future of Sonic titled, 2014: Year of Sonic. The presentation resulted in revealing the new TV Series, Sonic Boom, along with the revealing of the character's new designs. Sega then reveals a new Sonic title that is to be the 3rd Nintendo exclusive, part of the Nintendo/Sega partnership also called Sonic Boom which is set to be based off of the TV Show. Both Sonic Boom show and game are part of a launch of a new branch of the Sonic main series. Sonic Team has no involvement with the game, understanding that there's two series going on and the character designs are not official and permanent, only for Sonic Boom. This launch will also bring us a new line of Sonic toys from well-known toy maker, TOMY who is known for making Pokèmon toys.

Image above shows a screen from a clip of the Sonic Boom

TV Series that was presented.